HINEDA annual Get together 2023

Dear All, Expresses our heartfelt gratitude to all participants and supporters of the HINEDA annual Get together 2023. It was wonderful to see over 300 attendees. Without this participation we can’t success the event. Also thanks your valuable comments and feedback received last few days. You can download all photos from below link.

Best wishes to the 21st batch for HINEDA Annual Get together in 2024!

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HNDE 20th Batch

The Infotech Exhibition 2020

"The INFOTECH Exhibition 2020" is an educational exhibition which organized by Minstry of Higher Education all along with the Universities & Educational Institutes to provide opportunity for students to show their innovation abilities on Technology.

This exhibition will be held on 11.03.2020 to 15.03.2020 & Hope it will be a great opportunity for our inner brotherhood to lead the industry with their own capabilities. Further they will present 6 inventions there.

As well they are on the process of planning, program call ITEX which about bridge & plane model contest followed by Robotic & Invention competition & INCO.

Hence they are facing major barrier of financial issue & we hope our past out brotherhood can strengthen their hands to overcome it & get their dream success.

So Your immediate donation will be really appreciated & for your contributions please contact HNDE invention committee convener R.A.I.M. Senanayake 0761532763 or Student Association Treasure U.M.J. Banuka 0703421615 accordingly.


Please reserve the date - 28th March 2020

Get Ready with your team

HNDE DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE : 1992 - 1977 Now Available

The Original HNDE Diploma certificates for diplomates who has applied of 1992-1997 batch ore ow aailable @ SLIATE accdemic branch

Please contact Ms.Mayuri(Tel:0112691307 - Ext 104) prior to visit there.


Great contribution - 16th batch for chiller installation project - HNDE Mattakkuliya


Successfully hosted event of HNDE All batch annual get togeter -2019 @ Ramadia Ramal Hotel with great orgaizing hands of 19th Brotherhood.


Helping hands for poor schools -HNDE inner brotherhood successfully completed for consecutive 04th year.