Commercial Bank Chiller - Installation Project at HNDE Mattakkuliya Premises

Donation of Books and Essential Items to Ampara Uhana Thissapura Vidyalaya in September 2019

In September 2019, HINEDA has donated books and other essential items worth more than 4 Lakhs to a very deserving school in Ampara Uhana Thissapura Vidyalaya. Donation comprised essential Stationary items, Text books written by well-known authors as well as Green boards used for writing etc. The event was well organized by the principal and staff where classes up to O/L exams are conducted. Total number of school children were 156 at the time of donation. In doing so, HINEDA extended its fullest support to children of this school, who excel in Volleyball and also in studies. The reading materiel and other books will go a long way in strengthening the knowledge of these poor kids who are finding it difficult to sustain their lives due to abject poverty. Irony is the fact that at least 88 of the child population either lost either both parents or a single parent due to various reasons and even they are being encouraged to come school for studies by a dedicated staff. We intend to carry out the second such donation to same school next year to meet the basic requirements of children like School bags and shoes as well. We invite the entire membership for this donation which is intended for a deserving community of our motherland striving hard to survive!