HINEDA Council Members Batch Representatives 2019

Mr. Damayanthi Gamage 1st Batch +94772094474
Mr. Kapila Pathiraja 2nd Batch +94715339050
Mr. Nihal Ruwan Pathirana 3rd Batch +94718667430
Mr. Crishantha Ekanayake 4th Batch +94773098262
Mr. Upul Dayarathne 5th Batch +94773734431
Mr. Aruna Senevi 6th Batch +94703342011
Manoj Chaminda 7th Batch +94716837824
Mr. Manoj Indika 8th Batch +94717707820
Mr. K.C. Dinesh 9th Batch +94714425581
Mr. Chamila 10th Batch +94773721481
Mr. Upul Manananda 11th Batch +94718658922
Mr. Anura Silva 12th Batch +94714238933
Mr. W.A.D.S. Sanjeewa 13th Batch +94777939971
Mr. Asanga Bandara 14th Batch +94777880878
Mr. K. D. R. Dhanushka Karunanayake 15th Batch +94785000386
Mr. S. D. D. S. Bandaranayake 16th Batch +94772633888
Mr. Gayan Maduranga 17th Batch +94702711808
Mr. G.I.D.Garusinghe 18th Batch +94718045155
Mr. Niluka Jayatissa 19th Batch +94768297181
Mr. Gihan Amarasinghe 20th Batch +94712807767
Mr. G. Niroshan Madhusanka 21st Batch +94710719990
Mr. A. S. Morathota 22nd Batch +94717441811
Mr. Nalaka Lakpriya 23rd Batch +94717547957
Mr. Pasidu Siriwardhana 24th Batch +94717215075
Mr. Pubudu Chathuranga 25th Batch +94716603561

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regarding your vacancy informations could able to contact us via HINEDA official facebook page inbox or contact us on HINEDA.ORG or +94767593018 or [email protected]

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The Infotech Exhibition 2020

The INFOTECH Exhibition 2020 is an educational exhibition which organized by Minstry of Higher Education all along with the Universities & Educational Institutes to provide opportunity for students to show their innovation abilities on Technology.


The HNDE fraternity has been informed that due to the coronavirus and the HNDE has been given leave, the tournament which is due to be held on the 28th will be postponed until otificed

HNDE DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE : 1992 - 1977 Now Available

The Original HNDE Diploma certificates for diplomates who has applied of 1992-1997 batch ore ow aailable @ SLIATE accdemic branch

Please contact Ms.Mayuri(Tel:0112691307 - Ext 104) prior to visit there.


Great contribution - 16th batch for chiller installation project - HNDE Mattakkuliya


Successfully hosted event of HNDE All batch annual get togeter -2019 @ Ramadia Ramal Hotel with great orgaizing hands of 19th Brotherhood.


Helping hands for poor schools -HNDE inner brotherhood successfully completed for consecutive 04th year.